Friday, March 19, 2010

Defending radio drama

In The Telegraph, Gillian Reynolds deplores the recent decision to axe the Friday Play from BBC Radio 4 and argues that radio drama is undervalued.
We’ve all heard some dud plays, but we’ve also heard work to make the ear rejoice and the mind sing, of plays no theatre or TV station would attempt with casts neither could afford. Radio is cheaper than either in production terms and, arguably, more lasting in impact. A formula for producing great work all the time in all of them has not, in spite of centuries of effort, yet been devised. What is universally agreed is that excellence is occasional and only comes from a critical mass of constant production.
In repsonse to her article, Guild General Secretary, Bernie Corbett, wrote to the editor - his (edited) letter is published today (scroll down).

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  1. As a direct result of Gillian's article and the concerns regarding the future of Radio Drama in this country, I have set up a facebook group called 'Speak up for Radio Drama now!'
    This has now attracted a number of writers, producers and comissioners and I hope it will begin to generate a debate on this very important issue.
    I also hope you will become a member and join in the debate


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