Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mark Damazer on why he axed the Friday Play

In The Guardian, controller of Radio 4, Mark Damazer, tells Vicky Frost why he decided to end the Friday Play.
"It would have been absolutely foolish and mistaken [to ringfence drama from the cuts]. It would have meant I'd have taken a disproportionately large chop at news, current affairs, religious programming … " he says. The result however, will be more repeats in the Friday-evening slot – and this after announcements that Radio 7 is to be overhauled and made into 4 Extra, which will surely mean there needs to be more content, rather than less.

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  1. Graham Lester George6:13 pm

    One year of Jonathan Ross = three years of the Friday Play. I know which I'd prefer


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