Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New musicals

In The Guardian, Chair of the Writers' Guild Theatre Committee, David James, discusses the state of musical theatre.
Fine, innovative, enjoyable new musicals are not a pipe dream. David Greig and Gordon McIntyre's recent two-hander, Midsummer, had everything a great musical needs: the creation of a special world, important characters, feeling, conflict, humour and wonderful music.


  1. "Everything a great musical needs" ... except a cast and chorus! We should work hard to persuade producers and investors to back new British musicals with full scale productions and proper marketing back-up. If they don't, we will continue with Broadway imports, revival after revival, or two-handers because no-one dares take a risk. One theatre (from an owner of several) could dedicate six months to six new musicals, each with a four week run - imagine the publicity!

  2. Because there are so many blind alleys and closed doors when it comes to staging a new musical it makes me wonder how many really good shows there are in musical limbo land.
    There doesn't seem to be any logical progression from getting your local amateur theatre company to put on a small scale version (if you are lucky) to the professional stage.
    What a brilliant idea to have a series of 4 week runs for new shows, Charles Garland. Are you listening Mr Macintosh?

    Rob Winlow


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