Monday, March 15, 2010

Selling your ebook for Kindle

On her blog, Guild member Helen Smith explains how she made her (very small) fortune selling her ebook for the Kindle reader via Amazon.

There's a video, too:

Elsewhere on her blog, Helen explains the joys of blogging and Twitter for writers.
Checking the constant 'news' stream on Twitter makes me feel like ace reporter Rosalind Russell in His Girl Friday though if you've never tried it, perhaps the experience is better explained as being wheeled in your armchair into a very large room where lots and lots of friends and plenty of strangers are shouting, reading funny bits out from the newspapers, telling jokes, complaining about their day, celebrating recent successes. You can join in, you can just listen or you can get up and walk away. No-one minds or particularly notices if you leave, though they always seem pleased to see you when you return.


  1. Very interested. How do I"KINDLE" my six short story collections and one novel?
    Liam Leddy Writers Guild member

  2. The official guide is here:

    This site also looks useful:

    You could also try contacting Helen Smith via her blog or Twitter:

  3. Sorry, Lud - only just seen this. I can talk you through it if you contact me.


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