Sunday, April 25, 2010

Doctor Who fans complain about Norton intrusion

From BBC News:
Thousands of Doctor Who fans have contacted the BBC to complain that the ending of Saturday night's episode was ruined by a trailer for the next show.

The on-screen caption featured an animated cartoon of presenter Graham Norton, host of Over the Rainbow.

It appeared as The Doctor, played by Matt Smith, was making an emotional speech during the story's cliffhanger ending for The Time of Angels [written by Guild member Steven Moffat].


  1. Anonymous7:35 am

    Glad to hear it! Who let's these cultural imbeciles run our telly? I was also p'd off at Channel 5 showing the Wizard of Oz and putting in an ad break as Dorothey opens the door from her black and white world and into the colourful land of Oz - ruining the effect completely. Has there been any response from the BBC as yet on the Rainbow intrusion?

  2. Follow the link at the head of the story to the BBC's news page.

  3. This is a sad progression from television company's credit squeezing and running promos over the end titles... but now over the shows as well? Could someone please explain to Promotions Department what the phrase "dramatic climax" means? Or are the actual shows being forgotten in a constant battle for ratings?

  4. Anonymous6:15 pm

    I fail to understand why the BBC feel it necessary to use such "pop-ups" at all. Interestingly, it wasn't felt necessary to use it on the HD transmission...
    Perhaps the annoyance being expressed on this occassion will trigger a review of the whole policy, but why do I have this nagging doubt that someone will try and claim that they'll try and be "sensitive" next time, rather than remove them entirely?

  5. The pop-ups and continuity announcements during the closing credits of Mad Men on BBC 4 drive me nuts.

  6. I've a cunning plan. Take off the pesky programmes and it'll leave more time for pop-ups!

    Surely the broadcaster can wait till after the shows finish for a 10 second promo? In the BBC's case, it's not like they're losing valuable commerical advertising time. And I'd question how many viewers they annoy and lose by pop-ups rather than gain.

  7. Anonymous10:43 pm

    "I've a cunning plan. Take off the pesky programmes and it'll leave more time for pop-ups!"

    Funny, I thought they were already doing that...

  8. Anonymous9:07 pm

    I am disgusted that the BBC could be so insensitive. It suggests that they place no value on the quality of the programmes they transmit nor the audiences enjoyment of them. There's just a greed not to lose the customer - but like all greed - it can backfire.

  9. Clive Woollands11:27 pm

    It's not only the BBC, it happens on all the channels and I am getting sick of it. How many people who watch a programme (new or old) and recognise someone in the programme or film they have just watched and at the end of it, watch the credits to see the name of actor or actres who played the character, only to have the screen shrink out of normal vision to advertise the next programme. These people even don't give the veiwer time to make a cup of coffee in between. The usual break was about 3 minutes, giving enough time to make a drink or have a smoke (if its a modern house and the smoker has to go outside) only to find the programme started. Is this what is now happening with 24 hrs of telly, that they have to cut down on the advertising of a programme, but show it while the other programme is still playing. Get your finger out, your supposed to be professionals.


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