Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hibbert urges fellow writers to create more lead roles for older actresses

By Matthew Hemley for The Stage:
Acclaimed screenwriter [and Guild member] Guy Hibbert has called on his industry counterparts to create more roles for women in television dramas, urging them to “argue the case” for more female protagonists with broadcasters and commissioning executives.

Hibbert, whose credits include Five Minutes of Heaven and the recent BBC programme Blood and Oil, revealed he was currently working on a new show for the Corporation that has women in the lead roles and described parts for females in television dramas as “sideline” ones that are not “psychologically interesting”.


  1. One of the reasons that Guy's such a great writer (aside from talent and years of hard work) is that he writes for EVERYONE.

    Not to write for women/ older people/ your choice here is using only the tiniest bit of your writing skills; like seeing the world through 1D.

    Never let production execs or anyone pressure you into writing through blinkers. It's a rich world out there and our shows would be a lot richer too if we were allowed to write for ALL sorts of lead characters; women included.

  2. I have written a screenplay whch has leading roles for 7 older women, but it's been tricky getting anyone to read it

  3. Tony, tell them there's a great part for Trevor Eve or Ross Kemp.


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