Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Arts Council announces budget cut details

The Arts Council has published details of how the 29.6% cut to its budget announced in the government's Comprehensive Spending Review last week will be implemented over the next four years.
The majority of arts organisations will be given an equal cut which has been kept to 6.9% for 2011/12. This approach keeps the overall percentage cut as low as possible and gives organisations a quick and fair decision. It allows them a degree of relative stability in a very challenging economic climate, particularly in the context of the large cuts to local authority budgets implied in the Spending Review...

Over the four-year period 2011-2015, the percentage budget cut for funded arts organisations will be 14.9%.
More details can be found on the Arts Council website.

The Guardian also has a useful section on arts funding with the latest news, comment and debate.

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