Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No culture please, we're British

The Writers’ Guild and the Society of Authors have received a brush-off in response to protests about the cancellation of all BBC World Service radio drama.

Peter Horrocks, Director of BBC Global News, said in a letter (pdf) to the two unions: 'BBC World Service has to respond to the challenges of an increasingly tough financial climate and an increasingly competitive global media market. Primarily, audiences come to BBC World Service for news and information and analysis of major global issues.'

In March this year the post of Director of BBC World Service was abolished and the duties added to Horrocks’ s job description. Since then 'BBC World Service' has apparently been regarded as a brand name within the BBC Global News division.

Writers’ Guild General Secretary Bernie Corbett commented: 'Only a few years ago the BBC World Service offered a complete range of British arts, science, culture and entertainment. Today all that remains is a rolling news service – one among hundreds. Once Britain wanted to share with the world its language, its drama, its music, its comedy, its science. The most distinctive thing left is the pips.'


  1. Kevin McCann11:03 am

    The BBC displays arrogance - well ther's a big surprise. The BBC has been licking Cameron's boots from Day One - they've even helped him package his cuts and they ignore any alternatives offered by the Unions and sane economists - and oh what joy and what an amazing coincidence - on Desert Island Discs tomorrow it's NIck Clegg whose going to tell us all about Chopin...and say, "look everybody I'm cultured and decent not like those oiks on the dole - I like classical music so when I say the cuts are fair, you do believe me !"

  2. Anonymous10:24 pm

    What I find more disturbing is the way the BBC is being taken over by News and news values. The DG is from News, the last BBC1 controller was from News, Helen Boaden, who is taking over Mark Byford's role on the Executive, is from News, the World Service is becoming a News Service, most of the single plays on BBC4 are based on the life stories of real people. Two points: 1) News people tend to follow trends, not to make them. 2) News people tend to give too much value to the opinions of other journalists e.g. those working for the Daily Mail and News international -- commercial rivals of the BBC.

  3. What - are they just poor little lambs being led astray by the big bad wolf - or are they, as is being demonstrated by the coverage of the cuts and the French response, happy to go along with it all - stop making excuses for them - either you've got the guts to try and get the truth out or you're a witless wonder like Jeremy "can I have a Knighthood please" Paxman...


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