Tuesday, March 22, 2005

BBC to cut 2,000 programme jobs

The BBC is to cut more than 2,000 jobs in its programme-making divisions, reports BBC News. Among the job cuts is a reduction of 150 in "drama entertainment and children's by 2008", but a lot of the details are still sketchy. The National Union of Journalists say that the cuts will "rip the heart out" of the Corporation.
Monday's announcement of 2,050 losses comes after news earlier this month that 1,730 jobs would go in support services such as finance and personnel. The 3,780 represents 19% of the workforce.

The latest cuts will be made across the production divisions from TV and radio to news and new media.

[Mark] Thompson [Director General of the BBC] said it was "a difficult and painful process but necessary". The cuts and savings will be made over the next three years.

Money saved would go back into programmes, including drama, news and local output, he said.

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