Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sony Radio Award winners

The Vladimir Nabokov story, Laughter In The Dark, dramatised by Craig Higginson, has won the Gold Award for drama at the annual . Sony Radio Academy Awards Produced by Catherine Bailey, directed by Maria Aitken and with sound design by Howard Davidson, it starred Geraldine Alexander, Roger Allam, Sarah Badel, Ewan Bailey, Lauren Bird, Alan Cox, Tom George, Claire Price, David Shaw Parker
and Tracy Wiles

The judges commented that:
"Maria Aitken's beautifully crafted and paced production of this lesser-known Nabokov tale drew a brilliant performance from Roger Allam, strongly supported by every member of the cast. The atmosphere of cruelty, sleaze and menace was almost palpable, making this a gripping listen."
Laughter In The Dark was made by Catherine Bailey Productions for BBC Radio 3

The Silver Award went to The Permanent Way, by David Hare. (Producer: Catherine Bailey, director: Max Stafford-Clark)

Bronze went to Banana Republic, by Greig Coetzee (Produced and directed by Claire Grove).

Comedy Awards

The Gold Award for comedy The National Theatre Of Brent’s Complete And Utter History
Of The Mona Lisa, written by Patrick Barlow.
- Producers: Bruce Hyman & Helen Chattwell
- Director: Martin Duncan
- Editor: Jake Roberts
- Performers: Patrick Barlow as Desmond Olivier Dingle, John Ramm as Raymond Box
- Additional material: John Ramm & Martin Duncan

The judges commented that
"The National theatre Of Brent continue their singular pursuit of turning the historical into the hysterical. A very funny, very different, beautifully observed and, on occasion delightfully informative romp through the story of the world's most iconic piece of art."
The National Theatre Of Brent’s Complete And Utter History Of The Mona Lisa was an Above the Title productions for Radio 4.

The Silver Award went to The 99p Challenge, written Kevin Cecil, Andy Riley, Tony Roche and Jon Holmes. (Producer and directed by David Tyler)

The Bronze Award went to Clare In The Community, written by Harry Venning & David Ramsden. (Produced and directed by Katie Tyrell)

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