Thursday, July 14, 2005

WGGB & The List magazine Fringe Awards 2005

Top comedy writers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran (Goodnight Sweetheart, Birds Of A Feather) will be among the judges of three new awards designed to celebrate the best writers on the Edinburgh Fringe 2005.

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and The List magazine will be presenting the awards with cash prizes and first option TV deals to the winners.

The awards will be for Best New Drama (this will be a narrative theatre show), Best New Comedy (this could be a play, a new stand-up show or a sketch show) and Best Newcomer (this could be the writer and/or performer of any of the above.)

The winners will be announced on Tuesday 23 August. Eligibility is defined by Fringe brochure entry.


1. The show must be a World or European premiere as defined in the Fringe programme.

2. No show can be considered unless it appears in the Fringe programme.

3. It must be on for at least 14 days of the Festival (including previews)

4. It must be on at least once between August 1 and 13.

5. Free shows are ineligible.

6. Shows featuring more than one stand-up are ineligible, where solo-stand-up is the main component of the show.

7. Whilst every effort will be made to see every show that qualifies, we cannot guarantee that this will be achieved in the small amount of time we have to do this.

8. The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and The List magazine are unable to enter into any correspondence with anyone representing the eligible shows.

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