Monday, August 01, 2005

Mark Ravenhill interview

Playwright and Guild member, Mark Ravenhill, interviewed by Miranda Sawyer in The Observer.
It's almost a decade now since Mark Ravenhill's blistering first play, Shopping and Fucking, was first unleashed at the Royal Court. Yet as he says himself: 'I might as well have it on my passport. Name: Mark 'Shopping and Fucking' Ravenhill.' Though he's written nine successful plays since (two about to be performed), including the ambitious National Theatre musical Mother Clap's Molly House, Mark is still defined by his debut. 'It's like,' he muses, 'being Kylie. She had I Should Be So Lucky, and it took her 15 or 20 years to match that with Can't Get You Out of My Head, even though she was having hit after hit after hit.'

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