Monday, November 20, 2006

Bond writers

Casion RoyaleRobert Wade and Neal Purvis who, along with Paul Haggis, wrote the new Bond film, Casino Royale, talk to Vincent Dowd for BBC News.
Surely one of the problems with Bond has always been he remains essentially the same throughout the movie? That can get dull.

Purvis - But Casino Royale gives you the opportunity for a proper arc to his character. He changes from the beginning to the end. He's very young, raw, out of control almost.

Wade - What you have with the Bond movies is this character gliding over everything. The fact nothing touches him is why we all want to be him. But it also makes him a sort of superman who in the end you don't really relate to.

This time you'll see someone who gets completely broken down and has to rebuild himself. He forges the steel of his character through the emotional turmoil he goes through. So we end up with a character who has a kind of moral compass - and I think from here on you'll feel Bond is denying his own emotions.
Photo: Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, screenplay by Robert Wade and Neil Purvis & Paul Haggis, from the novel by Ian Fleming, directed by Martin Campbell.

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