Friday, November 03, 2006

Jeremy Brock interview

Jeremy Brock
Jeremy Brock, who was one of the creators of BBC TV's Casualty, is now a seasoned feature film writer. Driving Lessons, his first film as a writer-director, was released in the UK a couple of weeks back. In Creative Screenwriting he talks to Danny Munson.
A lot of your past writing leaned toward the dramatic side of film, so why the sudden shift to comedy?

I think probably these are the kinds of films that I go to the movie theaters to see, but I'm always looking for ways to inject something ironic, because I enjoy that take on people. Our lives aren't strictly dramatic or strictly comical. We don't live by genre; we live by haphazard chance, so our lives are full of some strange mixture of bathos and pathos. The movie I suppose I was trying to do here has bathos and pathos right up against each other, and some people find that disconcerting and irritating. But for my tastes, I like that. I like having someone being sick and then be funny the next scene. I have no problem with that.

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