Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jacqueline Wilson at the Writers' Guild Centre - reminder

Tickets are still available to see Jacqueline Wilson at the Writers' Guild Centre in London next Tuesday, 6 February 2007, 6.30 - 8pm

It will be a fantastic opportunity to meet the Children’s Laureate and hear about her experiences working as a children’s writer.

Free refreshments will be provided before and after the event along with the opportunity to mingle with fellow guests.

Tickets for this event are £10 for Writers' Guild members £20 for non-members.

To book, contact Moe Owoborode at the Guild office.


  1. Anonymous11:44 am

    If you haven't been lucky enough to see Jacqueline Wilson give a talk (and I recently have) then don't walk but run to this event. Aside from being fascinating about writing, Ms Wilson's enthusiasm is worth bottling and will send you racing back to your desk to write... a rare occurence in my house and a welcome change from my usual work displacement activities.

  2. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Is Ms Wilson in the Guild?


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