Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Trevor Lloyd - Desperados

David Proud (left) and Reece Pantry in Desperados, created by Paul Smith.

On BBC Writersroom, Trevor Lloyd talks about writing for the new CBBC series, Desperados.
How aware were you of new territory being covered?

Very much; mostly from the theatre experience that I've had I knew this was new territory. It's about being aware of it but not letting it limit you in any way. That's what's really exciting about this project; it's about people's perceptions of disability and wheelchair users. In the episode I write, the team are trying to fundraise so there's a lot of stuff about how people perceive you as a disabled person and the resistance of some of the characters to reinforce that 'pitiful' stereotype by going out with a collecting tin. Of course that's not the case at all, they're being incredibly proactive, but how they deal with that misconception and come to terms with it is incredibly interesting. And in a broader way it's what the series is all about.

I've been out on tour before and if two or more people in a wheelchair are gathered together people do assume you're on some kind of outing, and will talk to the able bodied person - or sometimes the wheelchair. It's awkward but a lot of that is lack of exposure, people are unaware of how to react. And that exposure is a really important part of what this series is going to do, in a really sparky, pacy and entertaining way.
Desperados is on BBC One on Wednesdays at 5.30pm.

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