Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Channel 4 scales back drama

Channel 4 will fail to fulfil its stated ambition of showing a major new drama every month this year or in 2008.

The broadcaster's commissioning editor for drama, Liza Marshall, has admitted that Channel 4 would not be meeting its target of 12 flagship pieces per year.

But Ms Marshall denied industry rumours that the tally would be cut by as much as half.

"There is likely to be a refocusing and we are going to do less than 12 - but we are certainly going to do more than six," she said.
More from Ben Dowell in Media Guardian (free registration required).


  1. This was partly prompted by the higher fees Channel 4 is paying Endemol for Big Brother under the recent three-year-deal.

    Says it all, really.

  2. I wonder if C4 are going to switch to trying to create more series rather than one-off dramas - Shameless has been one of their biggest successes, and Skins is doing pretty well, too.


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