Tuesday, March 27, 2007

An Evening with David Nobbs

David Nobbs, the Guild’s President, will speak at the Writers’ Guild Centre in King’s Cross on Thursday 26th April .

David is the creator of the successful 1970s sitcom The Rise and Fall Of Regianld Perrin (adapted from his own Reginald Perrin novels). But there is far more to David’s career than Reggie Perrin. There’s his acclaimed series, A Bit Of A Do, which gained audiences of fourteen million for Yorkshire Television. There’s his work for many top comedians, including Frankie Howerd, Les Dawson and The Two Ronnies.

And above all there are his novels, sixteen of them, all of them humorous in tone, leading Jonathan Coe to state ‘David Nobbs is probably our finest post-war comic novelist.’ They include the four Perrin novels, the four Henry Pratt novels, and two of his own great favourites, Going Gently and his latest, Cupid's Dart, which started life as a 1981 TV play and was published on Valentine’s Day, 2007.

Tickets for this event will be £5 for Guild members and £7.50 for non-members and includes a free glass of wine .

To book , please send a cheque payable to the Writers' Guild, to ' An evening with David Nobbs', Writers' Guild of Great Britain, 15-17 Britannia Street, London, WC1X 9JN.

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  1. I've seen David speak many times, and his talks are as funny as his books, which says a lot. A tip: whenever I see David, I bring along copies of his books for him to sign because they make great prezzies. Buy the books though; it looks tacky if you pinch them from the library.


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