Monday, March 26, 2007

Shooter - Jonathan Lemkin

Shooter trailer

In The LA Times, Jay A. Fernanadez explains how Jonathan Lemkin's adaptation of Stephen Hunter's novel Point Of Impact (for a film called Shooter, directed by Antoine Fuqua), has succeeded where numerous previous attempts have failed.
Like a precision marksman with only one shot to nail his target, Jonathan Lemkin crawled into this landscape littered with discarded screenplays and hit an unexpected bull's-eye: Lemkin's Page 1 rewrite gained the film a star (Mark Wahlberg), a director and a fast-tracked greenlight off a mere second draft.

"I had a great advantage of being able to look on the map and see where the quicksand was, because they had already gone down there," Lemkin says of his ultimately successful approach to the film, which opens Friday. (His organizational approach to the 528-page book involved 1,200 color-coded notecards spread across an 8-by-24-foot bulletin board behind his desk.)

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