Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Writers' Co-Op

Thanks to Danny Stack and MovieQuill, for a link to a fascinating story by Michael Fleming for Variety about the creation of a writers' co-op in Hollywood.

And if the idea of a co-op conjurs up images of malnourished idealists struggling to earn enough to pay for their next cup of FairTrade coffee, think again. This co-op is based at Warner Brothers and is the brainchild of John Wells, Nick Kazan and Tom Schulman. The aim is to get a better deal for screenwriters and to bring them closer to the heart of the prodcution.
Over the next four years, the Writers Co-Op will generate at least 18 scripts from writers who will risk their usually high upfront salaries for the reward of receiving first-dollar gross, the right to participate as producers and a guarantee they will not be rewritten without their consultation and approval. The scribes will also have a say in the decision making process from development all the way to post-production....

"This company gives writers an unprecedented role in the development and production of their films," said Schulman. "If this model works, we hope others will emulate it."
Will any UK Writers be willing to try it over here?

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