Friday, August 10, 2007

Amazon sales rank addiction

In The New York Times, Lyndon Stambler looks at how authors get addicted to looking at their sales rank on Amazon.
It may seem obsessive, but every day — sometimes hourly — Aaron Shepard checks the sales rankings for his 12 self-published books. He even created a Web site,, that lets authors check their Amazon rankings instantly.

“People want to know where their book stands, just for the thrill of that score,” says Mr. Shepard, whose top seller, “The Business of Writing for Children,” clocked in at 1,834th during one random check last week, and at 2,070th during another one. He says it sells 250 to 450 copies a month.

Mr. Shepard is not alone. Forget writer’s block — many authors put their manuscripts aside because they cannot stop checking their rankings.

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  1. Anonymous3:54 pm

    When you understand how Amazon assigns sales rank to most of the books they list, the compulsion to check it hourly diminishes. Refer to for an in-depth analysis.


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