Wednesday, August 01, 2007

BT scraps mobile TV

On Blogcast, Greg Brooks argues that BT's decision to scrap its wholesale mobile TV service BT Movio has highlighted some of the massive problems facing the mobile TV industry.
Mobile TV has tumbled a long way after being heralded as the future of TV. Predictions for global subscribers stand at 155.6m by the end of 2012, with 42.7m subscribers within five years in Europe, according to Datamonitor. But the lack of interest in BT Movio seems to contradict this prophecy.

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  1. It's hardly surprising because although it's an exciting, pioneering time for New Technology and media, basically some brainwaves will work and some won't. A lot of people will be throwing a lot of mud against a lot of walls.

    The problem with watching entire programmes on Mobile TV is it's not very comfy, is it? And for a generation getting used to HD and flat screens, your mobbie isn't the most satisfying way to view "Dr. Who." But it's perfect for clips and even original short content.

    The important point is that the Guild negotiated payment for Mobile TV before it even hit the streets, and we'll continue to make sure our members are covered for all new media as they emerge. Some projects may fail but my general rule about new media is thar's gold in them there hills!

    Gail Renard
    Chair of the WGGB Television Committee


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