Monday, August 13, 2007

Kate Modern

The man behind YouTube star Lonelygirl15, Miles Beckett, has created another online character, Kate Modern, for social networking site Bebo.

If you're not a member of Bebo, you can see the videos on YouTube.

In Media Guardian, Kate Bulkley talks to Bebo's Joanna Shields about why she believes online drama has so much potential to reach younger audiences.
Shields ... saw the potential for integrating advertisers and brands from the outset. When she was developing Kate Modern, Shields took both Beckett, 29, and co-creator Greg Goodfried, 28, to advertiser pitches, explaining that they would write specific products and brands into the plot. It worked: Procter & Gamble (Gillette, Tampax and Pantene), MSN, Orange Mobile, Paramount and Disney/Buena Vista paid £250,000 each for six months of name-checking in Kate Modern.

Beckett admits that writing a plot line involving Tampax was the "most challenging" but says the result is "pretty creative" and that viewers will be amazed at how seamless it is. "The production team in London is working on a weekly and sometimes daily basis with the brands and the brands have been really open," he says. "They don't have veto power, but I haven't run into many problems, I guess because they mostly like the stuff I'm doing."

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