Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New logo for CBBC

CBBC logo
The BBC have unveiled a new logo for CBBC, the channel for six to twelve-year-olds. The new logo will go on air when the new season of programmes start on 3 September.

According to press reports, the channel will be aiming to increase its appeal to those aged nine and over, taking on rivals such as Nickelodeon and Disney.

New drama will include The Sarah Jane Adventures (created by Russell T Davies); adaptations of Jamie Rix's best-selling novels, The Revenge Files Of Alistair Fury; and Summerhill, a drama based around the pioneering school, written by Alison Hume.

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  1. A neat, serviceable and simple graphic... I wonder how the cost of it compares to the untidy mess that is the Olympics logo?


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