Wednesday, October 24, 2007

BBC drama runs to be cut

From Matthew Hemley in The Stage:
Popular BBC drama series such as Spooks will have their runs slashed as part of a cost-cutting drive at the Corporation.
Rupert Penry-Jones, Peter Firth and Hermione Norris in Spooks on BBC One

The move comes after director general Mark Thompson unveiled his six-year plan for the BBC, which called on every part of the organisation to make efficiency savings. The savings are being made in a bid to stem a £2 billion shortfall caused by a smaller than expected licence fee settlement.
The report adds that some shows usually brought back once a year will now be commissioned every 15 to 18 months instead.

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  1. As any successful, Dragons Den-y business person will tell you, nothing is more important than a company's core function which must be protected at all costs. It's why you're in business. Without your principle product; your cupcakes/ grommets/ flanges (delete where applicable) your company has no chance of surviving. If Mr. Kipling stopped making cakes, there'd be no reason for Kippy to get up in the morning and he'd have nothing to take to market. Which brings us to the Beeb...

    It's not only SPOOKS which has had its run cut, but shows all across the board, The Beeb has even had the temerity to cut back CHUCKLEVISION. (Sorry, there was no way to break it to you gently.) By saving money on shows, the BBC will have reduced future income from overseas sales, DVDs, downloads, merchandising et al. These bring millions into the country at a time when BBC Worldwide (the wildly successful distribution arm of the Beeb) has doubled its output and profits, and is crying out for new product. Confused? Join the queue. The BBC reminds me of the famous Cheese Shop in MONTY PYTHON which is totally uncontaminated by cheese. What a grand idea. The BBC would run ever so much better without all of those pesky programmes. And just think of the money it'd save!

    Gail Renard
    Chair of the WGGB TV Committee


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