Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"We support the Writers Guild of America"

British writers and US expats turned out in force today for a demonstration in London in support of the American writers' strike.

Speaking to the assembled crowd and media, WGGB President, David Edgar, sent best wishes to the American writers and stressed that their fight was for the recognition of the fundamental right of authorship.

Guild General Secretary, Bernie Corbett, also emphasised the international importance of the dispute. Although British writers have secured many of the rights being sought by the WGA, if the American writers were to be unsuccessful it could have a knock-on effect around the world.

TUC General Secretary, Brendan Barber, pledged the support of the wider British trades union movement in what he said was a very important dispute over important matters of principle.

Actor Timothy West also addressed the demonstration, speaking for many other actors present in offering support for the American writers' cause.

WGA Solidarity demonstrationGuild President, David Edgar, addresses the demonstration.

WGA Solidarity demonstrationWriters gathered outside the TUC Congress in central London.

WGA Solidarity demonstrationGuild General Secretary, Bernie Corbett, pledges the WGGB's support for striking American writers.

The London demonstration was part of an international day of solidarity, with events also taking place in Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Holland, Canada and Mexico.

Update (29/11/07): Welsh members of the WGGB held their own demonstration in Cardiff (pictured below), along with members of Equity and the National Union of Journalists.
WGGB in CardiffThe video from yesterday's event in London is also now up on YouTube, part of a YouTube group featuring videos from around the world.

Thanks to Jill Golick (see comments) for links to events in Toronto, on her own blog and on Denis McGrath's. Plus, from Montreal, Alex Epstein and a Facebook Group.

Update(2): Coverage of yesterday's London demonstration on BBC News. And scriptwriter James Moran offers a personal view on his blog.


  1. Check out what happened in Toronto:

    And in Montreal:

  2. As a WGA writer walking picket lines every day here in Los Angeles, let me say THANK YOU for your support. It is amazing to see your signs - an echo of our signs, hoised around the world. You put new wind in our sails!


    You're welcome, Richard. And we're right behind you and the WGA (in the nicest possible way!) Yesterday's demos round the world were the greatest examples of what writers can achieve when we work together. As I keep saying (hoping for repeat fees) it's the Internet that caused our problems and the Internet that's going to solve them. It's provided us with a way to be united as never before. And writers internationally are going to make sure that we're paid for our work whenever and wherever it's used. I like to think every time one of our works is shown, an angel will get its wings.

    The turn-out in London was gratifying; as it was in so many places. It was good to see old friends (It's been a long time, Geoff! And thanks for the chocolates you gave to everyone, Moya. For that, you can have your pick of any Guild Award next time!) That'll save on Xmas cards this year.

    But our battle isn't over yet. It won't be until all writers everywhere have negotiated fair pay for their work in all media, past, present and future. But together, we're getting there. We can change the world! Isn't that why we became writers?


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