Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Andy Harries interview

In Broadcast (free registration required), Liz Thomas talks to former Granada man, Andy Harries about his new role with Left Bank Pictures.
"ITV is still searching for a big, new thumping hit and that is really hard to pull off, but what a fantastic challenge," he says with genuine enthusiasm. "There is no point being a drama producer and not being excited by that. You can't fault the production values and skill on the BBC's period productions, but I suppose what we need is a contemporary drama.

"You watch something like Damages and you just wish we were doing something like it - I don't necessarily mean a legal drama, but something that has that kind of ambition and scale. I think 2008/09 needs a drama series that really excites people - a must-watch that reflects the world we live in today. These are difficult times: there is uncertainty about the economy, the government is at the end of its life, the growth of militant Islam and changes in global politics. I'm not saying make it serious, but people do enjoy seeing aspects of their own life reflected back at them. The role of good drama is to entertain and illuminate."

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