Wednesday, February 20, 2008

EA seeks to reconnect with creativity

In The New York Times, Seth Schiesel explains why video games giant Electronic Arts is abandoning centralisation in an attempt to put power back into the hands of games writers, designers and developers.
“Frankly, the core of our business, like in any creative business, are the guys and women who are actually making the product,” Mr. Riccitiello [EA's chief executive] said. “You can’t just buy people and attempt to apply some business-school synergy to them. It just doesn’t work. The companies that succeed are those that provide a stage for their best people and let them do what they do best, and it’s taken us some time to understand that. In our business the accountant, the guy in the green eyeshade, is like the guy in the alien movie that eventually gets eaten. If you let him run your business, it is neither inspiring or effective.”

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