Wednesday, February 27, 2008

US writers vote to ratify contract

Having voted earlier this month to end their strike, American screenwriters have now formally ended their dispute with the studios by voting to accept a new contract.

In an open letter to members informing them of the decision, Patric Verrone and Michael Winship, Presidents of the Writers Guild of America West and East respectively, said:
As we close this chapter in our union's history, what we together have accomplished should not be underestimated. The 2008 MBA establishes a beachhead on the Internet and in new media that will guarantee our share of a potentially vast and bountiful future.Writers already are working on new media projects under this agreement and residuals must now be paid for streaming and downloads of our library of films and TV shows.

...We must take our newfound spirit and unity and use it to move our two unions forward. We look to the future and our newly revitalized member engagement to reaffirm writers as the first among equals in the most collaborative art form in history. As the last few weeks proved once and for all, we are all in this together.

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