Tuesday, February 12, 2008

WGGB in the USA

As American screenwriters vote on whether to accept their new contract, WGGB member Brendan Foley has submitted this picture of himself with Doug Molitor, Shelly Goldstein and Carl Gottlieb (photo by Glenn Camhi) taken last week on the picket line outside Paramount.

Brendan writes:
I'm a member of the WGGB and NUJ, but sometimes work in LA and most of my writer friends here are WGAw, including those pictured. So I decided to show a bit of support for our colleagues on their long, tough strike. It was essentially about digital distribution rights so ultimately the future for most writers was up for grabs. The WGA held together well and have won some significant gains.

They were strongly supported by the actors union SAG, who start their own negotiations soon, and the Teamsters among many others. Many WGA members expressed their thanks to me that WGGB members did not write for the studios during this important dispute. It was also good to hear how highly thought of Bernie Corbett and our own leadership were by our US colleagues.

On a lighter note, since US pickets have to keep moving by law, walking in circles, picketing in California is much better exercise than at home, where we tend to huddle in the damp. Otherwise a strike is a strike, with or without the palm trees.
Meanwhile, Guild General Secretary, Bernie Corbett, has sent his best wishes to the WGA and congratulated them on their achievements.
The Writers' Guild of Great Britain Executive Council met today (Monday) and members were delighted that a deal is being recommended and the strike is likely to end within the next few days.

We salute the WGA, east and west, on the unity and discipline shown throughout a long and tough strike, resulting in a settlement which makes historic progress in the most important areas. You can be proud of your members and negotiators and of the deal you have reached.

The action by the WGA has inspired screenwriters and other trade unionists all around the world, and has had the excellent spin-off of increasing the profile and status of screenwriters everywhere.

We congratulate you and send you our warmest regards.

Bernie Corbett
General Secretary

Writers' Guild of Great Britain

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    Nobody can better Bernie's words and I won't break out the Babysham till the deal is agreed, but the WGA strike certainly has been inspiring. It's reminded us all what writers can achieve when we stick together for what's just and honourable. It's united us here at the WGGB too, and I was proud to demonstrate on the International Day of Solidarity with many of you. But on a personal note, this strike has made me even braver... which is bad news for all the people I work with who bang their heads into the walls enough as it is!


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