Thursday, March 20, 2008

Minghella in his own words

As well as the numerous tributes to the writer and director Anthony Minghella (see The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Times and The New York Times), The Guardian today has a selection of his own thoughts about his work.
The first idea I had for Truly Madly Deeply was the image of a Bach duet, because I thought that people coming together to make music was very interesting. A friend of mine had been very sick. He was a pianist and he would meet once a week with a clarinet player to play a duet. I've never experienced the same kind of joy as when you are able to play music with other people. It's such an intense, egalitarian and wonderful experience to sit down and make music with somebody else. So, the first idea was not about a relationship. It was not about bereavement or ghosts. It was about music.
Update: An Anthony Minghella blog has been set up to allow people to post memories and tributes.

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