Monday, June 16, 2008

BBC Programmes

Further to our report last week that the BBC was planning to create a web page for every TV episode they've ever made, here's the site where it will be happening - BBC Programmes.

Casualty is one of the first dramas to be have individual programme pages, although so far only for the current series and the previous one.

It's clearly a work in progress and, presumably, credits for writers and directors will be coming soon. (If not, I'm sure the Guild's TV Committee will be on the case!)

Links to where episodes can be purchased online are also promised.

Update (27.06.08): NB Radio programmes will also be given unique pages.

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    Oh yes, Tom, if writers don't get credits, the TV Committee will be down on the BBC like the proverbial ton of bricks or the metric equivalent. If any member has any concerns about their shows once the site is properly up and running, just contact the Guild office.

    Remember that it's great that our work will be so readily available for purchase on-line. Unlike a shop, cyber-space has lots of shelf-space, never runs out and you don't have to deal with Vicky Pollard-type assistants.


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