Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sadie Jones interview

In The Guardian, Alison Flood talks to Sadie Jones about her journey from unsuccessful screenwriter to bestselling novelist.
It's possible that Sadie Jones just wasn't a very good screenwriter. After "clawing away" (her words) at the profession for 15 years, things weren't looking good – a "lovely romantic comedy", a thriller, and a "really nice coming of age story" all came to nothing. Then along came The Outcast, the film script of which became a bestselling novel, which in a twist of fate is now becoming a film script again.

"I often thought that if I could have given up, and done something else, I would have done," says Jones. "Retrospectively, I can see that I was learning all the time, but it was often difficult. I was employed sometimes, and I had things in development, but there were a lot of disappointments. It was not so much stubbornness, or even belief, I just carried on writing. To deal with disappointment, I had to write for the sake of writing, not some imaginary reward."

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