Tuesday, August 19, 2008

YouTube developments

Whilst online window shopping recently, I happened across a couple of interesting articles on Camcorder.info

The first, YouTube and the Death of Short-Form Video, looks at developments at the online video site that allow for longer films to be uploaded, and links to various discussions about prospects for 'monetizing' YouTube films.
Even if you are a huge fan of YouTube shorts, you have to admit that Google is going to have to make lots of tweaks if it is ever going to make YouTube profitable. Google understands this and is working on the transformation. Screening Room is a reasonable first step to start competing with products like Hulu. YouTube Annotations provides new capabilities that will make YouTube a more viable business tool. I expect more changes soon.
The second article is about [Title Of Show], a new musical that built an audience on YouTube.
The [Title of Show] show never became a huge Internet hit, but with five to twenty four thousand viewers per episode it kept the musical fresh and built up a sizable base of new fans. Eventually a Broadway producer figured they would give Bowen and Bell what they were asking for. Last week [Title of Show] made its debut on Broadway at the Lyceum Theater.

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