Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Poll: do you believe in writers' block?

So, is writers' block just an excuse for not writing? Or is it a very real affliction; the writers' curse?

Have your say in our poll (right). And feel free to comment below.


  1. I have voted in the poll and I will state publicly that FOR ME PERSONALLY I use it as an excuse not to write. If I really want to write I can - it might not be any good but I can do it. Everyone is different though but know that I use it as an excuse.
    I feel very liberated now that I've admitted that. Thanks

  2. Anonymous12:24 pm

    I think (being a writer myself) that the only time you can get "Writers block" is if too much presure is being put on you to complete your work.

    I personally never had the porblem I complete Awake (Are We)? all 3 parts as I always knew where I was going with it.

    I know that J.K Rowlin got writers block on one of her Harry Potter books so I would not say its an excuess. It was the stress.


  3. Anonymous3:00 pm

    I've never believed in writer's block, though one has good days and ones you shouldn't even switch on your computer. But I realised rather late that my friend, the late great Douglas Adams, went through all of Dante's stages of hell with writer's block. For whatever reasons it happened, it was all too real and painful for Douglas. I treat it with a lot more respect now. But blogs... those are the real reasons for us not getting on with our writing!

  4. I believe it's just FEAR!!!! And my way "around" is just to take action by writing through. Taking a chance with one "what if" situation and writing it out. Even if it's scrapped later. It's just gotta be a consistent action... or else it becomes ONLY a thought and nothing gets done!!!

    : )

    Great topic!

  5. Anonymous11:34 am

    I agree that you've just got to get something down on paper... then at least you've got something to change. Woody Allen also once said that you can write your way out of a depression. I know that once I'm concentrating deeply on anything I'm writing, the real world passes me by... or maybe it just does anyway.

  6. Anonymous5:57 pm

    I'd write something about this but I'm blocked.


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