Monday, January 05, 2009

Deborah Moggach on adapting The Diary Of Anne Frank

In The Daily Mail, Guild member Deborah Moggach explains how she went about adapting The Dairy Of Anne Frank for BBC One.
Like many people, I read the diary when I was young. Now, on rereading it, I'm struck by how contemporary Anne is - stroppy, obsessed with boys, with her looks, beady and rebellious, highly critical of her mother. In other words, a thoroughly modern teenager.

In past adaptations, she has been somewhat sanctified - a bit cheeky and talkative maybe, but also over-sweet.

I want to be true to the real girl. Sure, she got on people's nerves; but she was also full of life, her own sternest critic and, above all, she made people laugh.
The Diary Of Anne Frank starts tonight at 7pm on BBC One and can also be seen on BBC iPlayer.

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