Thursday, May 28, 2009

Martina Cole interview

In Broadcast, Robert Shpeherd talks to novelist Martina Cole about the upcoming adaptation of her novel, The Take, and her production company 2 Queens.
“I am an addict,” she says, before grabbing my hand. “I love watching crime drama and supernatural stuff on TV, darling. Some of it is fantastic, like Prime Suspect.” She pauses, appearing to choose her words carefully. “But a lot of it is shit. I don’t see why people in this country feel as though they have to spend lots of money on period dramas in order to make a good drama. Why not just use a good script?"
The Take, adapted by Neil Biswas, will be on on Sky 1 next month.


  1. I think it's as simple as the fact that many period dramas have big fan bases. A book that was written a year ago won't have as big a following as Pride & Prejudice. So not as many people will tune in. If you stick an adaptation of an Austen or Bronte novel on the BBC, they're guarenteed to get the ratings.

    Personally, I'd always tune into any classic gothic material (Frankensteain, Dracula, Jekyll & Hyde et al). Ultimately, it all comes down to money right?

  2. Anonymous2:45 am

    Martina Cole tells it like it is.

    So do i.


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