Friday, December 11, 2009

Campaign to get BAFTA TV writer award upgraded

The Writers' Guild has lobbied BAFTA for several years to request that the award for TV writer is included in the main, high-profile BAFTA TV awards (alonside those given to actors) rather than in the subsidiary craft awards.

As Gail Renard, Chair of the Guild's TV Committee comments, another letter was sent this year:
In May, the TV Committee wrote to BAFTA after receiving many comments and complaints about how writers are acknowledged in the BAFTA awards.

The Guild feels strongly that writers are an integral part of any production; naturally, we'd think the most important. We begin with nothing and turn it into something which is where all creative work begins. We now ask for our place alongside our colleagues in the spotlight.
Still, however, the problem persists and that's why the Guild is getting behind the campaign being led by Guild members Danny Stack and Martin Day to get BAFTA to give TV writers their proper place at the main ceremony.

Danny has written an open letter to BAFTA and there is an ongoing campaign on Twitter.

Guild members are urged to join the Twitter campaign or contact BAFTA directly.

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  1. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Glad the Guild is trying, but isn't the fact that they have been doing so for "years" without success and that BAFTA don't bother replying to their letters rather telling about the extent of their influence (or lack of it). Ironically a twitter campaign will probably be must more effective.

  2. The Guild has finite resources and a huge range of issues to cover. Hopefully, a campaign from the bottom up will be more effective. The lobbying the Guild has already done, and the ability to get members on board, should help.

  3. Anon, the Guild hasn't exactly been "trying" on a daily basis for years. The subject has come up and we'd written to Bafta in the past, who replied stating their own views. Circumstances have changed and the Guild is expressing its views now again, only stronger.

    Meanwhile the Guild has been busy protecting writers in all media, often leading the way internationally in obtaining digital rights and raising the profile of writers everywhere. Our influence is felt globally and we're doing ever more. Remember that the Guild relies on member-power. Would you like to help?

  4. S Kane7:21 pm

    The Thick Of It team's In The Loop has just won Best Screenplay at New York Film Critics Circle, and runner up screenplay at LA film Critics Circle - on top of all the other many awards, and the Writers Guild award for best film too. But presumably these exact same writers aren't deemed interesting or important enough to feature on BAFTA night if Thick Of It gets nominated. Same goes for Graham Linehan - fresh from his lifetime achievement Comedy Award - and Sam and Jesse for Peep Show, and the Dr Who massive, and all the Alans, and so on. Just sayin - these are famous writers, household names some. The public seem to be as baffled as we are for the most part. It's a bizarre stance for BAFTA to take.


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