Thursday, April 15, 2010

Petition for equal representation of women in TV/film drama

Equity, the union representing performers and artists, has set up a petition calling for equal representation of women in TV/film drama.
Over half the viewing public is female, yet in TV drama for every female character, there are two male characters - (36.5% female roles to 63.5% male roles).

Whilst leading parts are frequently played by male actors over 45, women in this age group start to disappear from our screens.

The message this sends to viewers is distorted and distorting. We call on all the major UK television channels to take action to correct this imbalance.


  1. Guy hibbert5:20 pm

    Writers can support this campaign by not only signing the petition but by positively putting pressure on commissioning editors, executive producers and producers in script meetings.

  2. Guy's right. Writers have to stand up for their scripts and creative rights. I'm happy to take great notes from a good producer or editor, which only makes my script better. But it's quite something else to tie your script, especially an original one, in knots and compromise it irredeemably just to plase someone else. (a) They're not your mother and (b) it never works. And it usually ends up pulled, or bland telly.

    Do yourself and the industry a favour. Sign Equity's petition. Then write the world as it really is. And you know what? Women over 45 rock!


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