Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Poetry in schools

On the Writers' Guild website, an article by Kevin McCann about taking poetry into schools.
I found that writing poetry isn’t just fun; it can be so much more than that. Over and over I’ve seen under-achievers begin to shine as they discover that problems with spelling etc are no bar to the imagination. In fact, I’d go further. The notion that there’s no wrong answer in poetry had a real and positive impact on children who usually gave up before they’d even started because they were convinced that they were bound to fail and, therefore, there was no point in even trying.

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  1. Chris Slade2:20 pm

    Kevin is spot on. If children can find a medium in which they can express themselves, then confidence will grow. That is where a lot of education interferring politician and bueracrats get it wrong. Get the creativity flowing first and worry about gettint the spelling and grammer right later. Usage of language comes with the experience of it, not the other way around.


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