Thursday, August 26, 2010

New podcasts from the Writers' Guild

New podcasts are now available from the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, featuring:
  • An interview with TV, radio, film and theatre writer Jack Thorne (transcript also available)
  • A discussion about the impact on writers of public spending cuts
  • Analysis of the recent Writers' Guild agreement with ITV.
You can hear the podcasts online at

Or you can find them in the iTunes store.

Podcasts from the Writers' Guild are also as an app for the iPhone/i Pod Touch and iPad. The app costs £1.19 ($1.99). Revenue is split three ways between the Guild, Apple and Wizzard Media (the app hosts). So for every person that buys the app around 40p goes to the Guild.

Some background information to go with these podcasts is avaialble here (pdf)


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