Monday, August 30, 2010

Podcast transcripts

We're doing transcripts of the most recent Writers' Guild podcasts, starting with this one of the interview with writer Jack Thorne.
The big influence was whoever was writing EastEnders that week. I loved that show when I and I think that was probably the biggest influence on me working out what writers did – though I did think the actors made up the words. That sort of storytelling was a huge influence on me. In terms of playwrights I tend to admire the writers I can’t write like – so I don’t know if they’re an influence on me but they’re people who I just think are incredible . The likes of Sarah Kane and Dennis Kelly – the really poetic writers; and I’m not poetic. Ronald Harwood I think is a genius and I would watch any film he has written.
Update: The transcript of the discussion about the impact of public spending cuts is now online. Also features analysis of the recent Guild/ITV drama agreement.

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