Friday, August 13, 2010

Who needs publishers?

In The Guardian, author Ray Connolly explains why he is 'doing a Dickens' – publishing his latest novel chapter by chapter, online.
It has often been said that, with the squeeze in publishing and the closing of so many bookshops, this is a terrible time to be an author. Well, maybe not. Perhaps the Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen and other rock acts, who reputedly made their first records privately, even in their bedrooms, are showing the way forward for writers.

Undoubtedly it will be difficult at first for most authors to be noticed in the dense forests of online information; it's not exactly like having a stack of books in a high street shop window. But writers are creative people. My bet is they'll find ways of publicising their wares not yet dreamed about.


  1. Part of the problem is the word 'Publisher', as previously this covered getting your book edited,laid-out/designed,printed,reviewed,and distributed. Most of these stages can be done by the author.
    The stages of self-publishing and distribution can be found on the Services section of at:

    Information for publishing on the web or mobile devices can be found on:

    This assumes you have some computer knowledge and can use design/publishing programs, but does have many video tutorials that give you an idea of what you can do yourself.

    The biggest hurdle is undestanding that 'Publishing' as an industry is over. The tools and knowledge for self-publishing are commonly available, and most are cheap or free.
    Getting known and sold, is no different now than it has ever been. As yet computers have not replaced talent or persistance.

  2. You're right, Stan, and talent and persistance counts in all areas of writing. Creating the work is one thing but you always have to be selling it yourself (even if you have a great agent and believe in the Writer Fairy.)

    Creators must learn to be business and internet savvy and more pro-active. On the plus side, the more control writers have of their futures, the better.

    And that also extends to carefully checking all of your payment statements, no matter where they come from, and questioning anything you don't understand. Mistakes can easily be made; take responsibility for your career and you'll be a far more successful, richer and happier writer!


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