Thursday, July 15, 2004

Pinter points the way

The quality of film reviews in the New York Times has already been noted in this blog and it's pretty good on theatre, too.

In fact, its coverage of London theatre is better (or, at least, more interesting) than many English newspapers.

For example, Ben Brantley has written an interesting article (free registration required) about the revival of Harold Pinter's Old Times. He argues that Pinter's influence can now be seen on many of the leading British and Irish playwrights such as Martin McDonagh, Michael Frayn and Conor McPherson.
...their most recent works suggest just how much they share Mr. Pinter's respect for the unknowability of people. And they have applied this perspective with unsettling grace to fields that would seem to be more about finding answers than raising questions: psychotherapy (Shining City) and government (Democracy). Whether looking inward or outward, their characters talk a blue streak, but words ultimately fail them.

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