Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Variety Night

The Writers' Guild held its first ever Variety Night at the end of August. A chance for Guild members (and a few welcome interlopers) to strut their stuff, it was a resounding success.

There's a review on the Guild's website.

If you were there, as a writer, performer, or member of the audience click on the comments link below to give your own opinion. (Instructions on registering a user name for comments can be found at the top right of this page)

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  1. Hi there folks!

    It's me, the Guild's Events and Communications Manager (ha ha, I love using my new job title)! I thought I'd post a comment about Variety Night in the hope that some other people will follow my lead and get a discussion going.

    Well, I very much enjoyed the evening because I thought all of the readings and performances were of such an excellent standard. I literally found myself laughing and crying within the space of a few minutes.

    Variety Night was a bit of an unknown quantity because I wasn't sure what members' would come up with - or even whether anyone would want to get up and do anything. I'll admit to having been a bit apprehensive about the whole thing a few weeks ago!

    But, thank heavens, the evening was a massive success and now I look forward to making Variety Night a regular event. People enjoyed themselves because of the range of work read and the fact that each piece had its own personality.

    I'm now in discussions with Matthew Friday (Guild member who came up with the idea in the first place) and Janice Day (our wonderful compere) about the next Variety Night which we hope to hold at the beginning of November.
    We hope that this will become something like a writers' club - giving members a chance to get together on a regular basis for a drink or to get some feedback on some work in progress.

    I'd love to hear comments or suggestions for future events. Would you like us to invite special guests (possibly Equity members or high profile
    writers) to do one off performances? Or would you rather the night was kept for Guild members only? To be honest, I think the standard of work read was so high that I'd be happy to see the night stay pretty much as it is.

    Do let me know if there is anything you'd change if you were me. All comments welcome.

    Anyway folks, I'd better get on with my work. But thanks to those of you who came along. I look forward to seeing you at the next one!!!


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