Wednesday, November 02, 2005

BBC One competition for new writers

Announcement on BBC Writersroom of a major new competition:
From Summer 2006, the BBC hopes to transmit 6 x 60-minute plays on BBC ONE.

This opportunity will give six new writers the chance to have their original and authored work broadcast to a primetime audience. We want a good mix of writers, and this can include writers who are completely new to television.

About the plays
  • They can be about anything. We want a good mix of subject and tone, but they should have a strong story and be character-driven.
  • They must be mainstream, contemporary and UK based, but they should be bold and ambitious and want to challenge, question and provoke.
  • We are looking for ideas that are from the heart - on a subject, or exploring an issue, that you are passionate about.

About the writers
  • The writer must have no credits for original authored drama in primetime. Off-peak original drama credits or other series credits will not preclude the writer from being considered - neither will the fact that they are so far entirely un-produced on television.
  • The writer does not need to have an agent.
How to submit
  • We will accept submissions of a one-page pitch until the end of November 2005. Pitches longer than one page will NOT be considered.
  • All pitches should be supported by an original screenplay of at least 60 minutes. It is preferred that this be a separate piece of work from the idea submitted, and will be used as a gauge for your writing talent only. A professionally produced radio or stage play will be accepted if it is all you have, but a screenplay is much more useful to us and any other type of work may result in you being unsuccessful.

Submissions (one-page pitch and screenplay) can be e-mailed to:


You can only submit until the 31st of November. Ideas received after that date will NOT be considered.

Unsuccessful entrants will be notified.

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