Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Victor Miller interview

Yale graduate Victor Miller was a playwright with a Kojak novelization under his belt when mutual friends introduced him to writer-director-producer Sean Cunningham (The Last House on the Left). The two immediately hit it off and started making movies together. With the indie phenomenon of Halloween, Cunningham and Miller tried to decipher its formula of success and, in following the Halloween treasure map, they found gold in a horror franchise that is still lurking in the shadows (and putting a little ch-ch-ch in fans' hearts) 25 years later. Although most people's 80s nostalgia runs to parachute pants and Dexy's Midnight Runners (themselves a pretty scary concept), Miller's script for Friday the 13th brings back wistful memories for horror aficionados young and old. As it turns out, Miller recalled it all fondly as well.
Screenwriter Victor Miller interviewed by David Konow for Creative Screenwriting.

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