Thursday, February 16, 2006

Self-publishing put to the test

In The Guardian, Victor Keegan tries out a couple of different self-publishing services.
Are books about to go the same way as music and videos, with everyone able to publish from their back rooms, cutting out all the agents in the middle? Demand is certainly there from the legions of frustrated writers unable to interest an agent, let alone a publisher, in their musings. The technology to self-publish, using print-on-demand facilities, has been around for years but is now getting cheaper and easier with the publisher doing everything from the ISBN number to placing your tome on Amazon. Judging by the number of self-publishing websites, it may not be long before we reach the tipping point of mass adoption.
The big revelation for me is that if you use books have to be posted from America, adding a significant amount to the cost.

Update on see comments.

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