Monday, October 16, 2006

John Morrison's theatre blog

Guild member John Morrison has started a theatre blog, not as a critic but as a regular playgoer. Or non-playgoer, given his experiences last week...
Tonight, Friday the 13th, was the night I should finally have seen Terry Johnson's Piano/Forte at the Royal Court. Third time lucky, perhaps? Alas, I had what I can only describe as a Ryanair experience. You know how angry you feel when your flight is cancelled at the last minute, after you've checked in, and there's no proper explanation or apology, just a few low-level checkin staff who have to bear the brunt? Of course, this was Sloane Square, so good manners were observed all round without Sturm und Drang, but there was quite a bit of Brechtian alienation in the air.

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