Monday, October 16, 2006

The Screenwriters Network

Any of you who are members of Shooting People will have received this email message on Friday.
From Monday the American and British networks are merging into what will be called...

The Screenwriters Network!

There's going to be a new editor too -– please welcome Andy Conway. He's based in Birmingham in the UK and he's been a Shooter since 2002. His job is to host one big transatlantic talking shop. There is lots we can learn from each other and we are keen to open up new collaborations between directors and writers on opposite sides of the pond.
It's quite a big step to join up the two networks, and there'll be no more posting by email - you'll now have to log-in to the website. Plus:
The new Screenwriters Bulletin won't carry any Script Pitches. The existing UK Script Pitch Network is now the.. Script Pitch Network and will be the place for ALL script pitches for all our writers. This bulletin is already read by directors and producers in the UK but will now be promoted to US based ones as well.
I have a slightly love-hate relationship with the daily Shooting People screenwriters email. Some of the 'debates' can get very tedious and there's a lot of advertising but the network has also helped me rent out a room in Cannes and get a play staged. It will be interesting to see how the new transatlantic tie-up works out.

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